Hi, I'm Tom Renk.

What am I doing now?

This page is a public declaration of what I currently value to help keep me accountable and clarify my goals. It was inspired by Derek Sivers.​

I design websites.

I design and manage WordPress websites. Whether you’re a small business, not-for-profit or just creating a personal site, I can make it for you.

I house-sit.

I have 2 years experience and 10+ reviews from past clients. If you’re going away and need a sitter, please feel free to contact me.


I write stuff.

I love to think and write about philosophy, psychology, politics, stoicism; anything related to living a better life individually or as a society. Coming soon.

I practice minimalism.

This is a list of everything I own to help keep me accountable. Owning only essential things provides improved mental clarity and focus.

Here's my impossible list.

Inspired by Joel Runyon, it’s a constantly evolving list of things I want to achieve. If you’re interested, you can learn more here.