What I’m Doing Now

My main focus right now is to learn and improve myself as much as possible. I’m reading as many books as possible, taking in new ideas and evaluating them, and writing to clarify my thoughts. I’m also doing web design work, looking for house-sitting clients and searching for part-time or full-time work in hospitality.

Here is a list of what I spend my time doing:

– Reading
– Writing and thinking
– Journalling and reflecting
– Learning and practicing stoicism
– Meditating
– Web Design Work
– Rock Climbing

Just as it’s important to define what you’re aiming towards, I think it’s important to establish what you’re moving away from. This is a list of things that I no longer do/use because they don’t align with my values:

– All Forms of Social Media
– YouTube
TV and Movies (Social situations excepted)
Music (Social situations excepted)

I will continue to update this page to reflect my current goals and values. Updated: 26 June, 2020